Tablature Karmi, Ahmad - Green And Yellow Socks (Bass Jam)

Karmi, Ahmad - Green And Yellow Socks (Bass Jam)

Title: Green And Yellow Socks
Subtitle: Bass Jam
Artist: Ahmad Karmi
Album: None
Author: Ahmad Karmi
Copyright: 2003
Tabled by: TheKarmisutra 2003. [email protected]
Instructions: Play till your fingers bleed...:)
Notices: This bass jam took me about 20 mins to make up,
simple, but sounds effective live, but you gotta get the
crowd to clap. Ofcourse credit me for this if you decide
to use this bass jam live.

What it took to make this jam?

1- No common sense
2- 20 minutes of jamming at 3:20 am(around)
3- 10 minutes to input the jam into guitar pro

My inspiration came from my chemistry book, I kept
playing and since my desk was a mess the books
sometimes slide and fall when I touch the desk. So it'd
fall every now and again and hit the floor while I was
jamming and thus came the idea of the clap, cause
during one riff it landed and I was like yeahhhhh...nice.

Bass inspirations came from the seinfeld theme song.
I heard it and I was like wow need to start making
some bass jams like that heh...and here we are...

[email protected]
[email protected]

Email for questions or anything at all...I am a bored
lonely 17 year old guy doing IGCSEs lol..


Tempo: 120 BPM
Tracks: 2
Bars: 52
Tabs: Karmi, Ahmad - Green And Yellow Socks (Bass Jam).gp4
This must be the ugliest piece of bread
I've ever eaten
Wrapped in a foil-like substance
It's an unidentified object
Shapelessly square
God it's so ugly
(Jam desho)
I wonder why
Maybe the answer lies
(Sore jam desho, dozo)
In the thickness or the size