Tablature B-52's (The) - Rock Lobster

B-52's (The) - Rock Lobster

Title: Rock Lobster
Artist: The B-52's
Album: ?
Author: Mike Wilson et al.
Copyright: 1980
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Notices: Make sure you tune it correctly. Low to High: C G X X
F G#. If you really want to play it right, you have to
take off the D and G strings. I put "Yoko Ono" in
there as the Seashore midi instrument as a joke. The
vocals on the original recording were actually
influenced by the artistry of Yoko Ono. :)

Tempo: 190 BPM
Tracks: 6
Bars: 62
Tabs: B-52's (The) - Rock Lobster.gp4
We were at the the beach
Everybody had matching towels!
Somebody went under a dock
And there they found a rock!

But it wasn't a rock...
It was a rock.. LOBSTER!!!
..... Rock Lobster .....
..... Rock Lobster .....