Tablature Damned Angel - Solo Sweeps

Damned Angel - Solo Sweeps

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Tempo: 140 BPM
Tracks: 2
Bars: 33
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[Verse 1]

It started in '91, my partner and I would come
To the store empty-handed and part with about a ton
Of merch, we'd see how much it was worth
All the expensive shit got stuffed in my shirt
Hustle and work, we'd steal 'til our muscles would hurt
And we really didn't care if we got rushed by the clerk
See, in the 100-yard dash, no-one came close to me
Not even if their jeans were full of groceries
Took the good shit, didn't fuck with the rest
Left stores with TV's tucked in my vest
And even though I might not boost as much
It'll be a cold day in hell before I lose the touch

Compared to me you're like a little baby, I
Stole my first marker back in '85
When I wrote graffiti and it made me live
And just go into the stores and raise the aisle
Now I know my mother wondered how she raised her child
Gave me a bunch of rules and made me stay inside
Nothing seemed to work, I guess I'm just a shady type
Criminal to the bone marrow, hate to buy
The originator while you plagarize
And I'm not just doing this to save a dime
And not cause it's too hot to stand in line
To me, it's not a atrend, it's a way of life!

[Chorus 1]

It's the supermarket sweep, It's all got to go
Join the fun, cut your costs, save a whole lot of dough
They may have eyes, but they won't spot a pro
They got Chords & Promoe in the store on the low

[Verse 2]

Chords & Promoe:
Those were the days, now we're off to bigger and better things
Candybars don't fill the belly of seasoned veterans
We got to plan this like Ocean's Eleven
Alright, I know the spot but it's closing at 7
According to the brethren, the place is a dead end
So if we hit it right, it'll make us a legend
If we figure out how to get over the big toys
Shit, I got a duffel bag and it's coated with tin foil
That's great, but what about the security cams?
Don't worry about them, they won't ruin the plan
And the guards? Won't expect it
The alarm? Disconnected
All we really got to do is stay calm and collected
In and out, poof! Gone in a second
The damn guard isn't even armed with a weapon
Step on the brake, pull over the car and park it
We're here man, we reached the target

[Chorus 1]

Chords & Promoe:
We came in the door, done it before
Never let the laws patronize us no more
It's time to settle the score with this dirty business
Let the customers here be the first to witness
The looting of a lifetime right in front of their eyes
Let's take this shoppin cart to the ruggedest ride
And leave the manager standing there, wondering "Why?"
We left this baby like a motherless child
And we don't even hide the shit
I walk by the register with an entire fridge
Look the store detective in the eye and spit
Tell him we know where he lives if he tries to snitch
And tell him mind his biz, I'm coming back for more shit
Moving caseloads out the front with a forklift
Chords in the back, Promoe lead the way
No, miss, I'm fine thanks, nothing for me today


Chords & Promoe:
Roll in the trolleys and the wheelbarrows
We don't give a fuck if the aisles real narrow
Stealing everything, including kitchen sinks
And if we get caught we won't admit a thing
We just roll in the trolleys and the wheelbarrows
We don't give a fuck if the aisles real narrow
Stealing everything, including kitchen sinks
And we don't give a fuck what you bitches think

[Chorus 2]

It's the supermarket sweep, it's all got to go
It's fun, it's cheap, save a whole lot of dough
They might se but they won't spot a pro
The way we creep, ain't no way you can know