Tablature Damage - Awakening Turnback

Damage - Awakening Turnback

Title: Awakening / Turnback
Artist: Damage
Tabled by:
Notices: Tablatura cedida por
Thiago Goulart.

Tempo: 170 BPM
Tracks: 7
Bars: 264
Tabs: Damage - Awakening Turnback.gp3
I'm going back to high school
And this time I won't be overcome
I'm gonna get all A's and ask out girls
Instead of being dumb
This time I'll save all my money
I won't fall where I fell
I'll hang out with the freaks
And smoke out with the geeks
Crawl out of my shell

In my beautiful turnback time machine
Undo what's been done while you're
Making the scene
All your stupid mistakes will fix nice
And clean
Beautiful turnback time machine
Beautiful turnback time machine

This time I'll go to college become
The intellectual kind
Get a Ph.D. in brain surgery
Blow my parents' minds
I'll buy a house on the ocean
Take up electric guitar
Start a band write a hit song
Marry a porno star


Let's go for a ride
Come on inside
Let's go for a ride
Just close your eyes

I could save the Kennedy's and Lennon
Luther King
Come to think of it
I might change every single thing