Tablature Dalle Ave, Michel - Academie Rag

Dalle Ave, Michel - Academie Rag

Title: Academie Rag
Author: Michel DALLE AVE
Tabled by:
Tempo: 202 BPM
Tracks: 1
Bars: 73
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Nigga, what you need to do is say fuck them raps
See the money makin is on the ave

[Hook: Reks]
The money makers' on the ave, and they be gettin dough
While I was tryna rap, nigga they was sellin blow
The fiends was on the ave, and they was needin coke
Dollar dollar dollar bill, you know how the game go
Growin up sellin crack was a yellow brick road
To the dollar dollar bills, dollar dollar bills
Meet me on the ave, and we can get the dough
And we can get the dough, and we can get the cash, the cash, the cash

[Verse 1: Reks]
Fantasizing on chart climbin, I ignored the drug lords at Law
Adored colorful walls adorned with graffiti texts
On Didge's steps I damn near slept
Fillin my notepad with future hits
Hearin the city breathe a killer's breath, I wept
Smudgin up lines, my tears daily defying stress
Cause on them same steps for hours, with dealers
Who quit school to pitch powder, get rich, respect, power
Not in that order but surely somethin that's similar
Finish my algebra, kiss mum, pick my pen back up
Get lost in thought like Nasir past the margin
Shook hands with too many ghosts now in the coffin
Sad but how it be often, fiends starvin
Knew too many willin to feed 'em to hell's demons
And they say that hell would all be a big dream and
Fuck them raps! Wanna get this dough?


[Verse 2: Skyzoo]
It's gettin that much clearer every day
They wantin what you hear but what you hearin's never played
So you could get a chair, wait in there till it change
Or you could hit the flair, hit the air and get your lane
Young'n get your pay, kickin sixteens don't do it
I mean it did but this seesaw music
Is so yesterday, so sketched and traced
Honestly, shit is borderline next to gay
Cause when the records stop sellin and the stores start closin
And the landlord waitin in the corners wide open
Huh, fuck an option, it's whoever is coppin
Tryna hold onto a dream but can't lock it
You could play with the bass, fuck around with the treble
Or you could play with the bass and turn powder to pebble
Front if you want, we all see the truth in the clouds
But what am I sayin? I'm standin in the booth right now, fuck it


[Verse 3: Reks]
They used to tell me to chill
You ain't gon' pay bills tryin to be the next Will
'Fresh Prince' Smith, but if you stretch this
You'll get a quicker meal than a record deal and still
Keep your ties to the block, you ain't signing to rock
Diddy ain't gon' pop into your hood and change your life
Make shit all good, like shit ain't fucked up
On our streets, so to eat we keep
Them goods in the projects, it's all economics
You disagree? God bless, wish you the best
But you from Law-town Mass, who gon' listen to Reks?
They ain't searchin for American Idols in black hoodies
And doo rags, it's logic, you should be on the ave
Cause we be getting dough so fuck all of them raps
Pick a piece of pavement near the curb and pitch crack
Yep, it's like that, real recognize real
For the dollar dollar bills