Tablature Lalanne, Jean-Flix - Keep Me Posted

Lalanne, Jean-Flix - Keep Me Posted

Title: Keep Me Posted
Author: Jean Felix Lalanne
Tabled by:
Instructions: [email protected]
Tempo: 135 BPM
Tracks: 4
Bars: 54
Tabs: Lalanne, Jean-Flix - Keep Me Posted.gp3
This is Wu-Flix, knock your teeth out with a tooth pick
I hear you spitting that bullshit
I chop your mamma arm off with a katana
and stick dick to your father, you won't ever be the same, grasshopper
I'll murder the motherfucker, yeah I know you would
There are many things the rest of us would do if we could
I do whatever it takes to keep you alive
I go outside, knowing that I'm gonna die
Standing in the corner
I got my Sticky Fingaz face on, count to four, bumrush the door
Nigga tried to rush me, I bust three
Turned him to duck meat, the 187 was rusty
Motherfucker don't touch me, walk around everybody love me
Benetton suits and gumbies
So if the boy wants to have sex, then let him have sex
When he turns eighteen I'll let him sleep with my ex, next

my iron fortress is protected by the Eye of Horus
the vile sorcerer that rides atop of wild horses
settle scores & vendettas, left ya shelter scorched
Delta's force melt ya porsche with a welder's torch
never knelt before God, never felt remorse
spinning propellors left fellas short on my heliport
in the morgue cellar, fill a drawer with a headless corpse album's fucked up that shit'll never sell in stores
my consumer base is viewed as a mutant race
humans that grew from the fumes of nuclear waste
if YOU get a taste of my music, you get erased
and interchanged with an image of your living wraith
drippin' with acidic hate, pistol-whippin little fake
children when I'm spitting written riddles in a fit of rage
I wanna murder motherfuckers with my vocal sound
and choke em with the smoke that get ejected from my open mouth